Bronze Sculpture Cremation Urns

Each Wyland Sculpture is hand crafted and created using a lost wax process. Each bronze sculpture is then hand finished using a unique patina finish with a high gloss luster. The Wyland logo and signature completes the art. Each piece is then mounted on a solid granite base that both showcases the sculpture and acts as the secure base for the cavity of the memorial. These fine art sculptures are available in two sizes. The large sculpture is designed to accommodate up to 230 cubic inches of cremated remains. Keepsake sculptures can accommodate a small portion of cremated remains and have been designed to allow multiple family members to have their own cherished tribute.

Devotion Keepsake


Freedom Keepsake


Majestic Keepsake


Serenade Keepsake


Devotion Sculpture


Freedom Sculpture


Majestic Sculpture


Serenade Sculpture

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