Caring for Your Bronze Sculpture

The special inclination of bronze sculpture to color naturally is one of the unique characteristics that make it so desirable to sculptors and collectors. Ongoing change in the patina should be expected as the surface of the bronze continues to interact with a wide range of elements in the atmosphere. Different areas of the world will have their own unique environmental results.

To protect the surface of the bronze and make the patina aging process more gradual and homogeneous, special care guidelines should be followed:
Dust the surface frequently with a feather duster, china bristle brush or soft cotton cloth;

High humidity, direct sunlight, and wide temperature swings may accelerate the natual aging process of the patina. We recommend keeping your sculpture out of direct sunlight;

Outdoor fountains and bronzes handled frequently should be waxed more often. Much of the surface of the sculpture is waxed to maintain luster and protect the patina. These areas can be rewaxed every few years wih a carnuba-based wax such as Kiwi® neutral shoe wax in the round can. To wax:
Thoroughly dust the surface
Apply a light coat of wax in a circular motion
Let dry for 30 minutes
Gently buff to shine with a soft cotton cloth
Do not use treated cloths or spray waxes to clean sculpture. Do not use any polishing compounds on the patina or on any high polished bronze areas.  
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