Affiliate Programs

TributeArt Affiliate Programs

Use the contact form below to receive more information about the affiliate programs and commission structures.

Affiliate Level

Becoming an affiliate is the fastest way to meet your customers’ needs. Without holding any inventory, your firm can work as a channel through which families and collectors can access Wyland’s timeless pieces and benefit from commission.

Reseller Level

As a TributeArt Reseller, your firm will have access to embedded website content that will help promote the available products. With the option for eCommerce, you can begin to make money directly from your site, while meeting the demands of consumers.

TributeArt Gallery

By becoming an official TributeArt gallery, your firm will join an international network of designated dealers. Your firm will benefit from full inventory, eCommerce, website pages and commission from orders within your region. The possibilities are endless.

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